26. February 2021

View Zebras Animals Pictures

zebras animals

View Zebras Animals Pictures. There are three extant species: Zebras are known for having many black and white stripes.

Plains zebra | mammal | Britannica
Plains zebra | mammal | Britannica from cdn.britannica.com

Zebra are several species of african equids (part of the horse family) each zebra has a unique, different pattern of stripes. Zebras are several species of african equids (horse family) united by their distinctive black and white striped coats. The zebra's stripes arise from melanocytes (specialized skin cells) that selectively determine the pigmentation of the animal's fur.

Read on to know more about some interesting facts about zebras.

There are three extant species: See more ideas about zebras, animals, animals wild. Does the zebra black with white stripes or white stripes with black? The zebra spirit animal is beautifully unique in appearance, with its trademark stripes that confuse predators and mesmerize onlookers.

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