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View Camera Red Background. The red camera line up is now much easier to understand with reds announcement of a unified the current red body you can buy is called the red dsmc2. Red is the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras.

RED | Accessories | Modules, Displays, Media, Lenses, & More
RED | Accessories | Modules, Displays, Media, Lenses, & More from

79,651 likes · 530 talking about this · 145 were here. Explore red's modular camera system and groundbreaking. The red® komodo™, dsmc2, & epic/scarlet cameras are made to be modular, so why shouldn't.

Build a custom red kit, perfect for your shooting style.

Compact cinema camera featuring red's unparalleled image quality, color science, and groundbreaking global shutter sensor technology in a. The company's headquarters are in irvine, california, with studios in hollywood, california. Explore red's modular camera system and groundbreaking image quality. For rent / for hire.

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